New Zealand scenery from the comfort of our leather seats is just unbeatable.

There's nowhere better for a road trip, than New Zealand.

The roads less travelled- the ones you won't find in tourist guides

Highway 4 from the highway 3 turnoff to the town of Taumarunui.  Fun road with great bush and nature all around you, just be aware its almost 100kms without much of a town.  If your driving Auckland to Wellington this is a valid low traffic way to go also.

Paekākāriki Hill Road North of Wellington.  Turnoff of the effective if a little boring new motorway and take a look at the view from the lookout at the top on a sunny day.  Heading north or heading south its a detour that matches a great view with a nice bush lined drive.

Napier to Wellington

You want to take highway 50 and then it joins highway 2 from Takapau, then stay on highway 2 all the way.  
Chances are your GPS or GoogleMaps will both show you to take Highway 2 from Napier and then turn off highway 2 at Woodville towards Palmerston North and highway 57 then highway 1.  Don’t do this, its not much faster, the roads are less fun and there are more people on this route plus more trucks. 
Highway 50 is almost empty every time I’ve been on it other than a few farmers at times and has some nice corners as well and then highway 2 south of Woodville is much less busy than cutting across to highway 1 and then you get a Mountain road to finish on your way into Wellington via highway 2 rather than just a motorway on highway 1.  I’ve attached the GoogleMaps pin you need to drop to get it to offer you this route and as you can see its not much slower.

Christchurch to Queenstown-

Unlike Napier to Wellington Google Maps will offer you quite a good route which is called ‘The inland scenic route’ that goes thru the passes of the Mountains.  However the first 75 Minutes of will be dead flat and straight highway 1 and somewhat traffic heavy (By South Island NZ Standards).  There is a way to cut this out completely which connects to the inland scenic route and is similar if not faster travel time.
Take Highway 77 inland from Christchurch rather than highway 1.  Drop a pin/ set your destination for a town called windwhistle to get onto highway 77 and then from there set for Queenstown which should give you highway 79 followed by highway 8 (HIghway 8 is the inland scenic route).



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